What standard of image does your business deserve!

For our range of services a ‘360 degree image’ is an image that allows a viewer to pan a continuous 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically .

Our 360 degree images are usually blended and stitched from 12 static images shot with a DSLR camera at full resolution in RAW format.

The images below are the thumbnails for 4 sets of 3 bracketed HDR shots at 90 degrees – North, East, South & West.

We use a premium 8mm fisheye lens on a cropped-sensor DSLR camera – this gives more usable pixels than from the same size output files using a full-format DSLR. The camera is mounted in portrait mode, tilted at 7 degrees from horizontal and the lens holder pivots around the nodal point of the lens to eliminate parallax error.

The 12 images are then processed manually with 3 different software programs (Lightroom, PTGui & Photoshop) and image formats (NEF, TIFF & JPG) to produce the final rectilinear image below but at around the 10,000px by 5,000px and a filesize of up to 30mb.

This is then rendered by the browser/viewer through a series of tiles created from up to 7 different zoom levels into the image-view that can be rotated horizontally and vertically.

Some viewers can present the final images with added functions such as audio, video, navigation and info hot-spots through overlays like the viewer linked to below.

The final image can also be viewed with a VR headset. Click on the image below to open the active 360 image at full-screen with our enhanced overlay system.

Compare this to the quality of the image below (not ours) – captured with a one-shot camera, published and displayed through Google Maps by another Google Trusted Photographer.

What standard of image does your business deserve!